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Digital Surf Comp

How To Enter:

  1. Post on Instagram a video of your best right & left hand wave and tag ‘@tynemouthsurfco video entry’ and state your category. Your waves can be part of the same post.

Example of instagram entry

2. Please make a small donation to The Wave Project (a charity which provides surfing therapy for vulnerable young people to improve their health and wellbeing) via the link below:-

2. If possible please ‘We-transfer’ your two waves to so we can feature you in the competition video edit. Please use the following link:

We Transfer example

4. Closing date for entries 31.01.21


  • Mens Open Shortboard
  • Womens Open Shortboard
  • Mens Longboard
  • Womens Longboard
  • Mens SUP Surfing
  • Womens SUP Surfing
  • Boys 16 and under
  • Girls 16 and under
  • Boys 12 and under
  • Girls 12 and under
  • Mini Groms (8 and Under)

We will also have special prizes for:

  • Best Barrel
  • Best Air
  • Coolest Style
  • Biggest Wave

These can be entered with a single wave entry.

Comp Rules:

Footage you submit must be no older than 01.01.2020.

You will be given a score of up to 10 points for each wave accumulating to a maximum score of 20 in total.

You may submit a single entry for the special prize’s categories or it can be included in your ‘left & right’


We have prizes up for grabs from:

Patagonia, O’Neill, Ripcurl, C Skins, PS Surfboards, Tiki, Surf Cafe, Sola, Tynemouth Surf Co. More TBC

Judging Criteria:

          (Taken from WSL Judging Criteria and ISA Judging Criteria) 

A panel of judges scores each wave on a scale of one to ten.

Judging scale:
[0.0 — 1.9: Poor]
[2.0 — 3.9: Fair]
[4.0 — 5.9: Average]
[6.0 — 7.9: Good]
[8.0 — 10.0: Excellent]

Judges analyze the following elements when scoring waves


  • Commitment and degree of difficulty
  • Innovative and progressive manoeuvres
  • Combination of major manoeuvres
  • Variety of manoeuvres
  • Speed, power and flow


The longboard surfer must perform controlled traditional manoevres with the highest degree of difficulty in the most critical sections of the wave to gain the highest score. Judges will reward the performance with reference to style and flow, visual appeal, commitment, variety of manoeuvres and use of the entire board, speed and power. Nose riding, trimming and footwork will be important elements in the Judges decision-making

Speed, style and flow highlights the way the wave is presented and the manner in which the rider is able to link the moves together. Cross stepping out of and into turns and noserides, carving drop knee turns and extended noserides with weight directly over the tip are all indications of the quality of style and flow in traditional surfing

SUP Surfing 

A surfer must perform radical controlled manoeuvres, using the paddle as a key tool, in the critical sections of a wave with speed, power and flow to maximize scoring potential. Innovative / progressive surfing as well as variety of repertoire (manouvers), wave negotiation and use of the paddle to increase the intensity of the manoeuvres, will all be taken into account when awarding points for SUP surfing.

 The SUP surfer who executes these criteria with the maximum degree of difficulty and commitment on the waves will be rewarded with the higher scores. 

For StandUp Paddle Surfing [SUP] a wave is deemed to be begun, when in the opinion of the judges, the rider is no longer solely under paddle power but rather has harnessed and begun to be carried along by the power of the wave. 

In addition to the comp, we are also releasing a limited edition T-Shirt to mark our 25th Anniversary. All profits will be going to The Wave Project charity.

To pre-order this T-Shirt (white) follow this link:

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