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2021 Competition Results

Thanks to everyone who entered the competition. We have raised £763 for the Wave Project.

Its still possible to donate to this great cause at:

Mens Open:

1st – Mark Boyd
2nd – Rhys Smith
3rd – Jacob Mellish
4th – Finn Gamblin

Women’s Shortboard:

1st – Emily Currie
2nd – Alys Barton
3rd – Phoebe Strachan

Men’s Longboard:

1st – Blake Jones
2nd – Chris Churchill
3rd – Arthur Randell
4th – Greg Haywood

Women’s Longboard:

1st – Emily Currie
2nd – Beth Leighfield
3rd – Emily Grimes

Men’s SUP Surfing:

1st – Oliver Laddiman
2nd – Nick Graham
3rd – Chris Peacock

Women’s SUP Surfing:

1st – Georgie Paige
2nd – Heather Peacock
3rd – Annie Paige
4th – Mel Thomas

Boys Under 16’s:

1st – Ishka Thres
2nd – Andrew Ravencroft
3rd – Blake Jones
4th – Lucas Campion

Girls Under 16’s:

1st – Bethan Davies and Taylor Jett (Joint first)
2nd – Brooke Mason

Boys Under 12’s:

1st – Dexter Parrington
2nd – Cillian White
3rd – Jenson Martin

Girls Under 12’s:

1st – Summer Moore
2nd – Taylor Jett & Bethan Davies (Joint second)
3rd – Isla Jones

Minigroms (Under 8’s):

1st – Bo Davies
2nd – Blake Davies
Joint 3rd – Darcy, Ozzie Gray, Daughter of Benny Pettifer

Special Categories:

Best Air  – Rhys Smith

Biggest Wave – Ben Larg

Best Barrel – Mark Boyd (with Sandy Kerr close 2nd)

Best style –  Men – Seb Potthoff

Best style –  Women – Beth Leighfield

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